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So you just spent $80 and bought 5 Kgs of protein powder and thought WOW i got a bargain... well heres a few pointers for you to make sure your not just buying really expensive milk powder.

Some companies claim they have large protein content per serve, but there serve size is up to 60 Grams (2 SCOOPS). Don't be deceived. 

3 Things to look out for:

  • #1 - GOOD protein is easily mixable, It mixes in and dillutes almost instantly when mixed with water. Good protein powder should not clump up in the bottom of your shaker and require a blender just to mix. This means the protein powder you've got is FULL of binders & other undesireable additives.
  • #2 - Is your protein Powder sticky? Stickiness is a sign of high sugar content. Sugars are definitely not going to be beneficial to you if your after a lean and ripped physique. Some companies are try to hide there excess amounts of sugars in there labelling by saying "Maltodextrin" (which is a binding thickening agent derived from sugar).
  • #3 - Some poor quality Whey Concentrate can cause you discomfort in your stomach. This is due to high lactose content and it ultimately being just a expensive milk powder. 

I Hope this article helps you identify some red flags if you have them. Make a switch if your not getting the desired results. 

At SuppsAustralia, we undergo all vigorous product testing before we decide to list on our shop. We've eliminated all the nasties from our product range.



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