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Behold Primeval Labs new and improved, crazy energy and focus Mega Pre Black!

Mega Pre Black does not disappoint and is seriously a product all high stim pre workout users must try! Mega Pre Black is backed by only the best performance ingredients. These include...

L-Citrulline 6g - A great vasodilating ingredient that opens blood vessels to allow more blood and nutrients to be delivered to the working muscle and therefore aiding in a faster overall recovery.

Beta-Alanine 3.2g - Helps to buffer the effects of fatiguing metabolic by-products and increase endurance by removing lactic acid.

Dynamine™ 325mg - Yielding 130mg, Dynamine™ is one of the hottest new stimulants on the market to increase energy and performance.

Caffeine Anhydrous 325mg - Heavy dosage of the staple energy ingredient found in most pre-workout supplements.

DiCaffeine Malate 68mg - Slower releasing source of caffeine that helps avoid the "crash" due to the long half life.

ElevATP® 150mg - Stimulates our body's natural production of muscular energy. meaning you can except more exsplovie power during your workouts.

N-MethylTyramine HCL 50mg - Increases energy and mental focus.

As l'm sure by now you can agree Mega Pre Black truly stands out from the crowd with its rediculous hard hitting formula. If your someone wanting the best of the best in a preworkout then this product is for you!

Mega Pre Black 2.0 by Primeval Labs - Pre Workout - High