Alpha G3netics - WeightLoss Bundle -

Alpha G3netics - WeightLoss Bundle

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Weightloss Bundle by Alpha G3netics....

What we have here is 3 exceptional products, Which all compliment each other in the process of Fat Elimination. 

ALPHADRENE - A powerful appetite suppressant designed to control your food cravings, Also loaded with other ingredients such as (Green Coffee bean 12:1), (Caffein Anhydrous 250MGs) the purpose is to keep you awake and alert and full of energy.

L-CARNITINE - Helps facilitate the metabolism of carbohydrates and enhances ATP production. Helps with transportation of free fatty acids from where they are stored as subcutaneous or visceral fat, to where they are burned within the mitochondria of the muscle.

XZILAR8 - Finally a thermogenic Pre-workout that you actually works. This complex powder helps the body get lean. This unique formula works on a variety of levels with ingredients aimed at, speeding up the metabolism, regulating body temperature for fat burning, supporting the body's natural diuretic functions and to help suppress cravings and appetite.

 Xzillar8 also contains Caffeine and Green Tea to help keep energy levels high so that you're motivated throughout the day to stick to your nutrition and training plan.

 Xzillar8's primary thermogenic effect comes from our unique ingredient Bioperine™, Which aims to help with the fat burning process by regulating the body's internal temperature, similar to capsaicin from chilli peppers, but without any burning or upset stomachs.


This is a solid combination - Summer is around the corner, 

Save Over $13.00 When you purchase all 3 As a bundle.