Forward Nutrition - HYDRO CREATINE HCL (100 capsules)

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Introducing Hydro Creatine by Forward Nutrition.

This is a advanced form of creatine which offers:

100 Creatine Hydrocloride(HCL) capsules

-No bloating/No Nasty Water retention.

-Super fast absorption (65 times faster then Creatine Monohydrate).

-No Loading phase, So results are achieved quicker.

-No Stomach cramps.

-Smaller dosage size. 1 capsule (750mg) per 50kg of Lean muscle mass. (average 2 capsules per day.)


Directions:  Consume 1-3 Capsules daily, for best results take 1 hour before training. Drink plenty of water & stay hydrated whilst using Hydrocreatine.