SNICKERS - HIProtein (25 serves) 900g

SNICKERS - HIProtein (25 serves) 900g

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Thought it couldn’t get any better than Mars HiProtein? Well, think again. Say hello to the ultimate rich and nutty protein shake, Snickers HiProtein!


Contains 21g of protein per serve
Contains 141 calories per serve
Promotes muscle recovery
Smooth, chocolate and caramel ‘real Mars’ taste
Mixes easily into shakes, smoothies, and more!


Want to enjoy the deliciousness of a Snickers bar, without the high sugar and calories? We’ve got you covered. The Snickers HiProtein shake is designed for athletes who are serious about their results, who aren’t willing to sacrifice the sweeter things in life. Containing 21g of protein and only 141 calories per serve, this delicious protein shake is ideal for increasing your daily protein intake to promote muscle recovery and for curbing your sweet tooth in-between meals.

Snickers Protein Powder nutritional information