Swedish Supplements - Crazy 8 preworkout (26 serves) **LIMITED STOCK**

Swedish Supplements - Crazy 8 preworkout (26 serves) **LIMITED STOCK**

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Swedish Supplements have delivered a cracker!


This Pre-workout powerhouse contains 8 Sources of stimulants, hence the name crazy 8!

    • Enter the new era of products in this segment. We all know the history of Swedish Supplement company and its products, which became determinants of new trends on the supplements market and of perfect pre-workout blends. Products such as Fucked Up, The Butcher and Vigor were marketed before and were recognized as efficient supplements. Now, the time came for something new. For a long time the Swedish Supplements development department worked on a new and unique formula for energy, concentration and improved performance. The result is the maximum dosage in Crazy 8. It has as much as 8 different stimulating substances which creates a synergistic effect to keep you alert and invigorated for workout from the very first dose. Basically, the invigorating ingredients consist of caffeine from various plant-based sources. Each caffeine has its own features, but together they give powerful stimulatory effect.

    • For concentration and creating a tunnel vision effect we have used choline bitartrate, l-tyrosine and taurine. Choline is also used by our body to produce acetylcholine - an important neurotransmitter influencing memory function and muscle control. Tests conducted on choline also showed that its additional consumption may improve reaction ability, and increase the results achieved by sportsmen.

    • Tyrosine reduces the risk of the decrease in performance after using a supplement stimulating CNS. This effect is achieved thanks to the usage of this amino acid for production of catecholamine by the body. Catecholamines work as neurotransmitters and ex-adrenaline hormones, noradrenaline and dopamine. When the body is stressed out, the brain releases noradrenaline to stimulate CNS and improve energetic and mental vigilance. The problem is that the process of reconstructing neurotransmitters requires time. It results in the feeling of tiredness and discomfort - decrease in performance. Adding tyrosine increases the level of noradrenaline synthesis – because of this the body does not use all of its supplies.

    • Crazy 8 contain a high dose of taurine for equalizing the effect of strong stimulation of CNS. Taurine works as antioxidant and reduces cortisol level, it also has positive effect on our memory functions and protects our heart.
Citrulline is commonly used to increase arginine level in blood, it releases nitric oxide and stimulates GH. Citrulline effectively suppresses lactic acid and decreases ammonia concentration by boosting the urea cycle. It’s popular among athletes as it recreates the beneficial intramuscular Ph level and boosts regeneration.

    • Beta alanine is an amino acid that is used by the body to synthesize the dipeptide, carnosine. Carnosine works as a stimulator as it decreases the acidification level of the muscles. Increased level of carnosine moderates the feeling of tiredness by suppressing lactic acid. The immediate effect of taking beta alanine is the prickling sensation and sometimes skin redness, mostly on arms and face. It is a harmless reaction resulting from the rapid increase of beta alanine level in blood. Many people consider this feeling as another stimulus for training. With regular consumption of beta alanine the prickling sensation lessens, but it in no way decreases the reduction of lactic acid - it only indicated that that the organism got used to increased levels of these substances.

  • All these substances contained in the tasty drink you should have before every workout will give you energy boost needed to reach higher level of training.